Lindsey Hagen

Lindsey Hagen is a director with a focus on cause-related storytelling, unveiling stories that help us redefine how we perceive and engage with the world. Hagen believes in the power of human connection and shares stories that unite the viewer through emotive, vulnerable narratives. Lindsey was a 2017 Commitment Grant finalist and a 2019 Commitment Grant recipient. Her film, Ode to Desolation (Mountainfilm 2020), connects the story of a naturalist, illustrator and fire lookout as he contemplates the dying days of North America’s fire lookouts with the future of technology and human interpretation. She is the director of Gnarly Bay films Fight or Flight and After Skid Row (both Mountainfilm 2022). In After Skid Row, Hagen documents the journey of Barbie Carter as she navigates the transition to housed-life after the brutal reality of living a decade on the streets. The film illuminates the intimate humanity behind homelessness as Barbie rediscovers parts of her identity.