Gabriella Garcia-Pardo

Gabriella Garcia-Pardo is a Colombian-American documentary filmmaker drawn to stories of home, migration and conservation. She has been a one-woman-band at National Geographic, a cinematographer/editor at “NPR Music” and a horseback trail guide in Pucón, Chile. Garcia-Pardo is a Sundance Creative Producing Fellow, Impact Partners Producers Fellow and has been supported by Catapult Films, BAVC, NOFS, ITVS and IWMF, among others. In 2018, she founded the DC chapter of the Video Consortium and spent four years curating events and facilitating mentorship for filmmakers and journalists. She is the director of Gobi Grizzly (Mountainfilm 2015) and is currently producing two features and directing two shorts between Colombia and the US. Garcia-Pardo is the director of The Bardia (Mountainfilm 2022), a film that follows Amal Ahamri’s journey and career as the face of the all-women’s tbourida team.