November 5, 2009

The Fall Harvest

Prolific director Matt Morris has been shooting this week down on Vern Switzer's farm, to update and add to the short film he premiered here at Mountainfilm in May. He shared some of the photographs from the shoot with me this morning.The work-in-progress was called History Making Farming Author on the Move, after Vern's self-proclaimed moniker.Matt and a camerman Kenneth Price went down to Vern's farm in order to document the watermelon harvest, but tragically, the prolonged drought in North Carolina killed most of the crop. However, check out the enormous collard greens below. The author of Puffy the Watermelon may not have had as much luck with his beloved fruit this year, but that should make next year's harvest that much sweeter.The new updated version of the film will start playing on Mountainfilm on Tour as soon as Matt finishes it![gallery]