July 1, 2009

Pleasantly angry butt

After a week break in Telluride, my butt has found its way back to the saddle. I think it missed it, or at least that is what it has been telling me this morning. Missed it in more of a nostalgic sort of way. Kind of like the way you miss the friend who punches you in the arm and leaves dirty dishes in the sink. Fun to remember, but the reality really isn't that glamorous. Keep posted for new blogs. I have realized that I enjoy this writing thing, and I am going to sit myself down at every internet connection I find and share a story or two. For now, all you get is that I am back at it and that my butt is pleasantly angry.Going to be a big day. I will be biking over Kebler and McClure Pass to eventually rest my head somewhere on the down slope. Hopefully past Carbondale and in the warm waters of Glenwood. I will let you know if my knee explodes.Drew