May 22, 2009

No More Business as Usual - A Commitment Met

The naysayers said nay. The skeptics were skeptical. The pessimists were pessimistic. Fortunately for me, I don’t know any of those people and with all of your good karma, I made it to Telluride, Colorado at 5:10pm MT. Two thousand six hundred and sixty four miles from NYC a truck filled with video gear rolled into this historic little town to do a little job. It’s a job that’s got to be done one way or another and I’m proud that it was delivered on a biodiesel route. Personally, I’m nearly as happy about the fact that one year ago I made a big promise and actually carried it out; that alone feels good. I thank MountainFilm for issuing the challenge – without it, I’d have gone about business as usual. Now that I’ve come to the finish line perhaps it’s appropriate for me to perpetuate the challenge and ask you: what environmental difference will you make this year?I’d like to thank you all for your emails and phone calls of encouragement throughout this trip – they all made a great difference and became my mantras going down the road (Bob – I DID the keep the hammer down!) and most importantly: thank you Mary Anna and MountainFIlm!