November 20, 2007

If I Told You, I'd Have to Kill You

November 20, 2007There's news, I just can't tell you right now.The programming department has gone underground, trying to search out the best content—films, presenters, artists, characters—for our 30th festival. Even information on who runs the programming department—our new festival director—isn't public knowledge yet. (I'll give you a hint: he's a filmmaker from New York who has had several films featured at Mountainfilm in the past.) You won't have to wait long for the news to come out, don't worry.We do have some news I can tell you. In addition to the new festival director, we also have a new year-round staff member on the tour. Drew Ludwig started yesterday as the assistant director, doubling the manpower in that department. Drew has worked for the festival for quite a few years, holding positions such as volunteer coordinator and most recently as a presenter for the tour.


Drew Ludwig

We may not have much to report just yet, but things are starting to get exciting here in the office.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Posted by Emily Long