July 16, 2009

Check Check

My bike has been missing me, but I wouldn't say I have been missing it. It has been a week since my last ride and procrastination is no longer an option. I will be putting in 260 miles over the next two days, and I am currently wondering if head or tail winds will be greeting me on the open road. You can probably guess which one I am hoping to find .I have been climbing and hanging out for the past seven days with friends and family. The photos below are a few moments along the way. Enjoy and I will be checking in on Saturday. Hopefully from Park City where I will be presenting Saturday evening. See you there.You may remember my last blog about mosquitoes. Well apparently Lander hates them too because they have a truck that drives around town spraying chemicals in the air. Can anyone spell carcinogen? The stuff smells like cat urine and made me take back everything I said about mosquitoes. I hate cancer more. There are some photos of the cancer truck and Aaron's blue mask in response to the chemical warfare.There are some photos from a milk crate stacking competition. I am the one flying off with my cape flapping and the guy standing atop 22 crates was the victor. I only found my way to the top of 18, but managed to make the front page of the Lander paper. I am famous.There are photos of a climbing competition and a few of Aaron out standing in his field. On a side note . . . has anyone seen the real estate add in Telluride with a real estate agent standing in a field that reads "Joe Smith is outstanding in his field?" I tear up a bit every time I read it.Anyways, enjoy the photos and I will have some stories for you all on Saturday.Drew[gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]