October 6, 2009

350.org - International Day of Climate Change

I often find myself thinking about the work 350.org is doing to get an international day of climate action going on October 24 and how we are going to contribute at Mountainfilm. So far, we are working with the New Community Coalition who will be putting on a climate expo of sorts. We will also show the film, No Impact Man at the Nugget that afternoon.There are a lot of wild climate actions going on that day. One group in NYC is asking people to ride their bikes to Union Square - but in scuba gear to show that we will be underwater if things don't change. There is also an impressive riders for climate change group that is - of course, doing creative things.The other climate-entertainment (a whole sub-genre) worth checking out is the new Beds Are Burning video. It's one of those collages of celebrity sing-a-longs and it works pretty well. Of course, I loved the original Midnight Oil version as well. - David