Commitment Grants


Applications for 2023 Commitment Grants will open July 1, 2023.

Mountainfilm is committed to supporting documentary filmmakers in telling stories that support our mission to inspire audiences to create a better world. We seek non-fiction stories celebrating adventure, activism, social justice, culture, environment and indomitable spirit. 

The Commitment Grants are focused on supporting documentary filmmakers in production or post-production stages. Mountainfilm promotes and encourages diversity behind the camera. We welcome applicants from any country.

If you are an early career filmmaker, please check out our Emerging Filmmaker Fellowship.

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Awards and Prizes

$60,000 total will be awarded in grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

Rules and Terms

  1. As a result of funding being doubled for this initiative due to the generous support of Torri & Mark Savoff, this year’s Mountainfilm Commitment Grants will be open to all. 
  2. Submissions will be open from July 1–31, 2023, with notifications in late-September.
  3. You must also include a video sample or trailer of your current project (no longer than 10 minutes). We prefer password-protected Vimeo links for our jury as opposed to uploads.
  4. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted. We consider projects in production and post-production only.
  5. If you have previously received Commitment Grant funding for this project, please do not re-apply. If you have already applied for funding with this project in the past and were not granted, you may re-apply only if there have been substantial changes.
  6. We do not fund completed projects or impact campaigns.
  7. If you are the recipient of a Mountainfilm Commitment Grant, we expect the following: 
    1. Regular updates on progress, 2–3 times annually.
    2. The Mountainfilm logo or name recognition in film or project credits that corresponds with the level of support. 
    3. A discussion of premiere consideration with the Mountainfilm programming team. 
    4. Depending on the level of support and length of film, we may require premiere status (Colorado or U.S.) and request the right to screen on Mountainfilm on Tour.

Filmfreeway Instructions

  1. You must first be sure your film project has been entered into FilmFreeway (under My Projects). If not, select Add a Project.
  2. Please fill out all information that is applicable. If a question does not apply, or you don't yet have the asset, ie. poster or website, enter N/A.
  3. Under Credits, only include those that apply or are currently confirmed. If not applicable, ie. Writer or Key Cast, feel free to delete that section by clicking the X on the upper right hand side of each credit.
  4. Under Specifications: Project Type, please indicate if your film is a short or feature. The Mountainfilm Commitment Grants only fund documentaries, so please also check Documentary under Project Type to confirm that you understand this guideline and that your film is indeed a documentary.
  5. Do not complete sections: Specifications (Scripts, Music, Photos).

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