What You'll Remember

12 mins


Amidst the backdrop of homelessness, a mother and father write a letter to their children, urging them to remember that home is more than just a building. After being evicted from their apartment, the young parents vow to remain together as a family, reframing life as a “car camping adventure,” while struggling to make ends meet. Shot on an iPhone by mother Elizabeth Herrera, What You’ll Remember offers an intimate window into one family’s battle with housing insecurity that challenges societal biases about homelessness, security and family.

Colorado Premiere


Production Team

Erika Cohn

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Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2022 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Help keep the Herrera-Lima Family Housed

Please help keep Elizabeth and her family housed by donating to support the Herrera-Lima Family's housing expenses in their new rental. The first few months is the most critical time for a family during their transition into a new community; without the support of nearby friends and family members, without the supportive relationships we take for granted, the risk of a family becoming unstable and returning to homelessness is extremely high.

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