Welcome Strangers

21 mins


“Love our neighbors the way we love ourselves” is the mantra of Sarah Jackson, founder of Casa de Paz, a volunteer-run shelter for immigrants who have just been released from detention. Since 2012, Jackson has created a nurturing home for new arrivals to the U.S., many of whom are seeking asylum from dangerous situations. As our nation’s immigration policies continue to tear families apart, Jackson’s Casa de Paz provides a dose of TLC and encouragement to weary detainees.

Colorado Premiere
Commitment Grant Winner

Production Team

Dia Sokol Savage
Garret Savage
Matthias Grunsky
Chelsea Jackson

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Featured in the 2020 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Casa de Paz

Casa de Paz began in 2012 as a small, one-bedroom apartment offering hospitality to families separated by immigrant detention. Today, Casa de Paz provides visits and emotional support, shelter and meals, access to phones, WiFi, computers and transportation. Detention is a difficult time that tears families apart and creates a financial burden, so we have always offered our services free of cost. Since we first opened our doors we’ve hosted over 2,800 immigrants from seventy three countries and the need only continues to grow.

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