We Are Like Waves

12 mins


On the south coast of Sri Lanka, surfing is everywhere, yet local girls are discouraged from participating in the sport. Instead, they’re expected to stay home and concentrate on housework, getting married and caring for children. Sanu is challenging the strict gender roles of her village and dreams of becoming the first woman surf instructor. She found a home in the ocean and proves that the young women surfers of Sri Lanka are like waves. You cannot stop them.

Production Team

Jordyn Romero

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Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2022 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Sea Sisters Sri Lanka

We are a social enterprise that strives for a more inclusive and responsible surf community in Sri Lanka. SeaSisters was founded on the belief that the ocean is for everybody, and that surfing can serve as a powerful tool of change. Through our SeaSisters Swim & Surf Program, we create a safe space for Sri Lankan girls and women to enjoy the ocean and influence mindsets around gender norms. We also equip them with the skills needed to work within the surf tourism industry.

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