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Transenders explores how the power of community allows you to be your true self, overcome failure and transcend fear. In its 22-year existence, Skate Like a Girl has utilized skateboarding as a vehicle to promote confidence, leadership and social justice by creating space for stories like Alexa’s and countless others. The work this nonprofit organization has been doing for decades, and the accomplishments of non-traditional skaters, are boundless and timeless.

Colorado Premiere

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Diane Russo Cheng

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Featured in the 2023 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Skate Like A Girl

Skate Like A Girl's mission is to create an inclusive community by promoting confidence, leadership, and social justice through skateboarding. Our vision is to empower skaters, especially young women and/or trans people, to grow into strong, confident leaders who promote and implement social equity. We value experiential learning and civic participation, by providing opportunities to be involved in the skateboarding community.

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