The Disrupted

88 mins


Even before the COVID-19 outbreak fundamentally changed the global financial landscape, when the U.S. economy was robust, there were economic casualties. People fell through the cracks, didn’t land in safety nets or lived in constant insecurity. The Disrupted is about three of these people: a multi-generational Kansas farmer trying to save his farm, an Ohio father laid off from a factory job and a driver in Florida struggling to cobble together a living. Their stories of resilience and struggle ultimately expose the cracks in the American dream.

North American Premiere

Production Team

Josh Gleason
Sarah Colt
Sarah Colt
Josh Gleason
Emily Schuman
Lynn True

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Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2020 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Workers are experiencing devastating loss of income due to the COVID-19 epidemic. They need immediate help, especially gig and low-earning contract workers without access to employer-based benefits. In response to this crisis, The Workers Lab launched The Workers Fund which will provide up to $1000 in emergency cash grants to workers who have lost income due to the epidemic.

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