2008 USA
Duration: 94 mins


The UN Diplomat Sergio Viera de Mello appeared as if he had stepped out of central casting, so it is only fitting that a movie has been made about his life—and tragic death. Sent to Baghad to represent the UN in Iraq, de Mello tried to bring order to the chaos he found there. But before he had a chance to really get started, his life was over. He was murdered by a suicide truck-bomb directly under his office. This gripping film—based on the book Chasing the Flame by Mountainfilm 2008 guest Samantha Power—takes us through the last hours of de Mello’s life and also provides a powerful portrait of a man who had every reason to believe that the story of his life would have a happy ending.

Production Team

Greg Barker

Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2009 Mountainfilm Festival.