Nenad, Who Plays Ping Pong

6 mins


Life after a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease may seem especially unthinkable for a professional musician. Croatian-born guitarist and composer Nenad Bach was at the top of an international career when he was diagnosed, but “it maybe prolonged my life,” he says, “because it slowed me down.” His most effective treatment, which he discovered accidentally, is playing ping pong. It’s an activity he now shares with other people with Parkinson’s through his organization, Ping Pong Parkinson.

World Premiere

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Brandon Lavoie
Barbara Kopple
David Cassidy
Williams Cole
Jonah Markowitz
David Quateman

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Featured in the 2020 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Ping Pong Parkinson

Ping Pong Parkinson's mission is to help anyone with Parkinson's Diagnose through ping pong (primarily) – and to have fun while doing it. We were established with the goal of halting the progression of Parkinson’s Disease by utilizing ping pong as a form of physical therapy. Our model is based on the concept of neuroplasticity – the brain’s capacity to make new neurons and connections through challenging physical exercise. Although medication remains the focus in the treatment for Parkinson’s, there is compelling evidence for the need for a regular exercise program in managing this disease.

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