From Kurils With Love

25 mins


An expedition to the remote Kuril Islands, a volcanic archipelago between Hokkaido, Japan, and Kamchatka, Russia, generously fulfills its primary mission of documenting the islands’ supreme beauty. Directors Taylor Rees and Renan Ozturk evoke a deep sense of discovery in visiting a little-known place, and report that — as documented by a team of intrepid Russian scientists — climate change is pushing life, even here, to the edge of collapse. “I don’t want [the] Kurils to collapse,” says lead scientist Vladimir Burkanov, who hopes that public awareness of the islands’ precious ecosystem might inspire humanity to save it.

World Premiere

Production Team

Taylor Rees
Povel Torrud
Renan Ozturk
Forrest Borie

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Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2020 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Kurils Islands Research & Conservation Initiative

Vladimir has seen the decades-long changes in the region firsthand and also the sad decline of some important top predators in the area. His vision is to turn large parts of the region into marine protected areas and national parks to safeguard their beauty for future generations, protect biodiversity and improve overexploited coastal and oceanic ecosystems in the Kurils Islands. Our major fundraising goal is to purchase a 65’ research sailboat that Vladimir and other scientists interested in the region can use to make their way across the islands to collect the data needed to inform long-term conservation plans.

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