For the Love of Afghanistan

6 mins


Graduate student and avid cyclist, Farid Noori, has made it his mission to enlighten others to the majesty of Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush Mountains. In founding the nonprofit Mountain Bike Afghanistan, Noori assists at-risk Afghan cyclists in evacuating Afghanistan to avoid persecution by the Taliban. Through cycling, he discovers the similarities that all humans share and despite the strife his homeland faces, he holds tight to his passion of sharing what he deems “a cyclist’s playground” with others.


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Farid Noori Asher Brown

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Featured in the 2022 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Mountain Bike Afghanistan

Mountain Bike Afghanistan empowers young Afghans with the joy of riding and competing on mountain bikes, and connects people across culture for their share love of cycling. Currently, Mountain Bike Afghanistan is conducting an ongoing evacuation of 35+ cyclists and their families from living under the Taliban regime.

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