Official Selection MountainFilm 2021

Duty Free

71 mins


As awareness grows of the many prejudices that exist in our time, there is a pervasive bias that is sometimes overlooked: ageism. When Sian-Pierre Regis’ proud and vibrant mother, Rebecca, suddenly loses a job that she has been faithfully dedicated to for decades, she learns that finding work at age 75 will not be easy. Faced with economic insecurity and an uncertain future, Rebecca tries to put on her best face as she painstakingly learns to job hunt in an unfamiliar digital age. Just when things are looking hopeless, Regis is able to dream up a uniquely creative solution to not only lift his mother’s spirits, but to repay her for a lifetime of sacrifice. This poignant tribute feels like a personal love letter from a son, while also shining light on the elders being left behind.

Colorado Premiere

Production Team

Sian-Pierre Regis
Meredith Chin
Mitra Bonshahi
Sara Shaw

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Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2021 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Duty Free Impact Campaign

The Duty Free Impact Campaign offers accessible screenings for intergenerational communities to facilitate conversations around the themes of care, financial insecurity, and ageism and offer tangible resources for older adults and for caregivers.

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