Official Selection MountainFilm 2021

Durga: Forging a New Trail

21 mins


The first mountain guide from her village in northern Nepal, 34-year-old Durga Rawal was always on the lookout for a path to independence. While the girls around her were left to grow up working on family farms and in their homes, Rawal pursued another direction — changing not only the societal and familial expectations of herself, but for future generations. Durga: Forging a New Trail is an intimate story of what female empowerment and gender equality looks like on the ground, and what an independent path just might lead to.

Production Team

Emily Hopcian
Emily Hopcian
Alan Schwer

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Festival Screenings

Featured in the 2021 Mountainfilm Festival.

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Empowering Women of Nepal is a nonprofit organization based in Pokhara, Nepal that aims to improve the lives of Nepali women and girls through adventure sports and tourism. Empowering Women of Nepal offers practical skill-based training programs free of cost to the trainees. The training is designed to extend educational, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to disadvantaged women from all over Nepal and can be followed by a six-month paid apprenticeship.

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